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York Car Rental of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

15555 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77032

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Location Policies

Additional Drivers

Thank you for renting with York Car Rental! We are proud to serve you and want our customer service in Texas to be great. If we can be of any further assistance, please email us at and a member of our management team will contact you directly.

Additional drivers can be added at the time of rental for an extra daily fee. The primary renter and any authorized additional drivers must be present during rental Pick-Up. Any additional drivers must qualify under all rental qualifications, including a valid driver's license, and meet the age requirements. All authorized drivers must sign the rental agreement. All additional drivers must be at least 21 years of age. The additional driver fee is $12.99 per day per driver.

After Hours Returns

Not Allowed


We offer Collision damage waiver (CDW) of $24.99 Per Day. If you choose to use your automobile policy, Please note that Insurance cards do not satisfy the requirement unless providing an insurance declaration page stating transferable coverage, limits, territories, and deductible amount, if applicable. Some credit cards provide Collision damage waiver coverage, or you may purchase collision coverage through a third-party website. If you choose to rely on your own auto policy please bring proof of the declaration page. In case of accident, renter must know that, It is strictly prohibited to leave the place of accident without an issued Police report since it may be considered as “hit and run” which is a criminal offense, unless your life is in imminent danger. Renter may still be responsible for the damage(s) even if it is caused by a third-party.

We offer Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) of $19.99 Per Day. Supplemental Liability Insurance is an optional coverage that protects the renter against third party liability claims as a result of an accident while the renter was operating the rental auto. SLI provides excess coverage over the underlying insurance required in the executed and signed rental agreement. SLI DOES NOT PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITYCOVERAGE TO THE RENTEE. This coverage provides renter liability covers of $1,000,000 in excess of the limits of liability as a secondary coverage. Supplemental Liability insurance protects you against claims for injury you cause to third persons on their property. Liability insurance does not cover injury to you or damage to the rented vehicle. State and country laws determine whether your personal auto liability insurance or our liability insurance will pay for injuries you cause to others while driving our vehicle.

We offer Personal Accident Insurance (PAI/PEI) of $6.99 Per Day. Personal Accident Insurance is an optional coverage that provides the renter with Accidental Death, Accidental Medical Expense, and Travel Assistance while the renter is in, boarding, or alighting the rental vehicle. Personal Effects Insurance, also an optional coverage, provides limited coverage from loss or damage to the renter’s personal belongings caused by theft, damage, or accident to your rental vehicle. Coverage includes: Accidental Death Benefit to the renter of $100,000 USD | Accidental Death Benefit to passenger of $10,000. | Accident Medical Expense & Ambulance Fee of $1,000. Coverage for PEC included coverage for personal belongings in the rental vehicle up to $525 per person. PAI/PEI is sold as a package only.

Cross-border Restrictions

Not Allowed.

Driving Restrictions

For the United States, U.S. Territories, or Canada, The customers who reside in the U.S., U.S, Territories, or Canada must present a valid, Full, unexpired government-issued Driver’s license which includes a photograph of the customer. Renters from other than the United States & Canada Must have a valid driver’s license from the renters/driver's country of origin with the English alphabet, a valid passport, and a valid international driver's license if the driver's license of origin is not in the English alphabet. Other requirements, Photocopies of Driver’s Licenses are not accepted, Learner’s Permits and partial license are not accepted. Temporary Driver’s Licenses may be refused if the renting location cannot verify the customer’s identity or the temporary license's authenticity. Additional Government-issued identification may be required. Digital licenses are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old, under age fee applies to 21-24 years old.

Financial Policy

Deposit Amount Minimum: $500
Deposit Amount Maximum: $2500
Deductible Amount: $2500
Under Age Fee: $14.99 Per Day
Tolls & Citations: $250 Per Bill
Pre-paid Tolls: $14.99 Per Day
Baby Seat/Child Seat: $20 Per Day

Rates are quoted in USD

We accept (Visa, MasterCard) credit cards from major banks only. We do not accept debit cards, Prepaid cards and secure credit cards.

Local Traveller Restrictions

A local renter is defined as a Texas Driver's license holder. Local Renters are limited to 50 miles/day, 350 miles/week, 1500 miles/month and The additional Miles are charged at $0.25 Per Mile over the limitation.
Local renters must show:
Two proofs of address, such as utility bills, that are not more than 30 days old and match the driver's license address.
Must provide Certified motor vehicle records, and may be purchased at any full-service driver's license office.

Mileage Limitations

Vehicles are not allowed to be taken out of State of Texas. Vehicles taken out of Texas will be subject to a penalty of $1000 and each mileage will be charged at $0.75 per miles driven during the entire rental.


1. On the day of the reservation, vehicles are held for 2 hours after the reserved arrival time. After the 2-hour window, the reservation will be considered a no-show, and we may not be able to honor the reservation. Please notify our agency in case of a flight delay. Your cooperation will help us to manage your booking accordingly.

(Cancellation and Missed Reservation Policy)
-Cancelling before the scheduled Pick-up time: You will receive a refund of your prepaid amount, minus a $50.00 cancellation fee.
-No show or failure to pick up your rental vehicle: No refund will be issued.
-Rental is picked up but returned early: No refund will be issued.

2. There are no refunds for early returns.

3. We maintain a clean, sanitized, and strictly smoke and pet-free fleet. Excess dirt, Smoking of any kind (cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc.), or pets is strictly prohibited in our rental vehicles. You will be assessed a cleaning fee of up to $300.00 if the vehicle is returned smelling of smoke of any kind and littered with ashes, pet hair, and excess dirt.

4. Telematics Notice and Release: You acknowledge that the Vehicle may be equipped with a telematics device, global positioning satellite (“GPS”) technology, an electronic locator device, and/or an event data recorder. We may find, monitor, or disable the Vehicle through such systems if we deem it necessary, without warning or notice, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Remote monitoring may include collecting Vehicle data, such as location, odometer, oil life, fuel level, tire pressure, battery charge, diagnostic trouble codes, and other elements that we deem necessary. We are not responsible for the operability of any telematics navigational or other system included with the Vehicle. You acknowledge these systems may use a cellular telephone, wireless technology, Bluetooth technology, or radio signals to transmit data; therefore, your privacy cannot be guaranteed. You authorize any person’s use or disclosure of or access to location information, automatic crash notification, and operational vehicle reporting conditions of the Vehicle as permitted by law. You shall inform all drivers and passengers of the vehicle of the terms of this section and that you have authorized the release of information as provided herein. You agree to release us and agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless for any damage to persons or property caused by the failure of the telematics device to operate correctly or otherwise arising from the use of the telematics device. Third-party telematics service providers are not our agents, employees, or contractors. Your use of a telematics system during the rental is subject to the third-party telematics system provider's terms of service and privacy policy. The Vehicle may collect and store personal information if you connect your smartphone or other device to the Vehicle’s Infotainment System. YORK does not access, collect or use any information that the Infotainment System may store. If you connect your device to the Infotainment System, you are representing that you understand that the Vehicle’s Infotainment System may store information from your device.
5. York Car Rental provides a car rental affiliate reservation system and acts as an agent for the convenience of the customer and the locally owned and operated car rental agency. We use reasonable commercial efforts to insure the accuracy of all information posted on our website . Our liability, if any is limited to the estimated total booking paid to us. The terms and conditions and prevailing law covering the rental shall be those stated on the rental contract presented at the actual rental location.

Pick-up Instructions

Upon arrival at Houston Airport and collecting your luggage at Baggage Claim, Please go to the ground level , (Terminal A) North side, Door A-113. (Terminal B) North side, Door B-101, (Terminal C) North side, Door C-102, (Terminal D) go to Terminal E International Arrivals Hall, (Terminal E) South side, Door 103B. Please request a shuttle by calling (346) 307-5566. YORK Shuttle will pick you up. Please do not go to the rental car center.

Refueling Policy

Level To Level

Renter Qualifications

Valid Credit Card
Valid Driver's License
Valid Passport
Insurance Declaration Page
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday8:30 AM3:30 PM
Saturday8:30 AM12:00 PM
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