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York Car Rental of Orlando Intl Airport

3255 McCoy Road, Orlando, Florida 32812

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Orlando Intl Airport


Welcome to York Car Rental represented by ONE SWITCH RENT A CAR.

Pick Up Instructions

Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, please proceed to the Ground Transportation Level (1st Floor

of the Terminal) which is one level below the baggage claim level, call us +1 305 988 6125 and wait for the

Shuttle identified as Oneswitch at:

Terminal A, proceed to pick up spaces A11 – A12 or A13

Terminal B, proceed to pick up spaces B11 – B12 or B13

Location Policies

Driver Licenses and Requirements

The renter must provide a valid driver’s license in the Latin alphabet, issued at least one year prior to the rental. If the renter’s driver’s license is not in the Latin alphabet, an international driver’s license is required.

For non-US residents: a passport or another government-issued ID as the secondary form of identification is required.  


AGE Requirements

There is an additional charge for young drivers between 21 years old and 24 years old of $19.99 plus tax per day.

There is an additional charge for senior drivers between 75 years old and 79 years old of $19.99 plus tax per day.

Minimal renter’s age is 21 years old; maximum is 79.


Additional Drivers

Two additional drivers are allowed per day. The rate is $9.99 plus tax per day.


Geographic Restrictions

Under no circumstance vehicle may leave the State of Florida, otherwise, the renter is charged $1,000.00 plus tax of cross-border fine plus a mileage charge of $0.25 plus tax per mile of entire rental mileage.

One-way rentals, International rentals, Cross border rentals are not allowed


Local Renters

Local Renters (Florida's Residence) are limited to 50 Miles/day. The additional Mile is charged at $0.75 Cents/Mile driven during the entire rental in excess of allowance. Local renters are required to provide their own insurance full coverage (CDW and TPL).

Credit Card Hold

At the time of the rental, we require a $250-$5000 pre-authorization deposit. These funds will no longer be available for your immediate use and may take up to 10 business days or more depending on your bank to become available.  We do not accept stored value/prepaid/gift cards, electronic cards, or cash deposits. We accept Visa MasterCard Discover Diners.


Reservation hold time 

On the day of the reservation, vehicles are held for two hours after the reserved arrival time. After the two hours window; you will be considered a no-show and we may not be able to honor your reservation. 


Cancellation or No Show

If your reservation was confirmed directly with the web page, please use our View or Cancel Reservation" page to cancel your reservation. does not charge a cancellation fee on Pay Later reservations but does request a cancellation notice as soon as your travel plans have changed. You can cancel your York Car Rental booking up to 6 hours before the scheduled collection time. For cancellation of Pay-Now Reservations booked on our Website, please see Pay Now Reservations section below. If your reservation was confirmed through our broker partners, please use the same source to cancel your reservation. Some brokers may charge for the cancellation of a reservation if not canceled within a specific time frame. Cancellation of a reservation directly through York Car Rental, when confirmed through our broker partners, may not relieve your responsibility with that broker. In order to avoid charges (cancellation fee or penalty), check with the broker and cancel the reservation directly with them.


Pay Now Reservations

All Pay Now reservations are non-refundable.  If you cancel your Pay Now reservation, you will forfeit the full amount of your reservation payment.  At the time of pick-up, you must present the same credit card/debit card which was used to pay for your Pay Now reservation.  

Early Return

There are no refunds for early returns.



All the rental agreement extensions have to be done over the phone or via Contact Us page or in person. Please note that combining new reservations to rent for a longer period is not permitted. New online reservations for extensions will not be honored.

Grace Period

Rental is based on a 24-hour period. The client receives 1 hour grace period. If he/she keeps the vehicle any longer; an extra daily rate will apply from minute one.


Website Vehicle Display

The featured vehicles that are displayed for each car class on the website or partner’s booking websites are representing the type of vehicle that may be available at the time of pick up. We do not guarantee that the make or model of the rental vehicle will be offered or available at the time of pick up due to fleet variances in availability or other reasons. We will provide you with either this model or a similar vehicle in size and engine type that is the same as the vehicle displayed on our website


We maintain strictly a smoke and pet free fleet. Smoking of any kind (cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc.) or pets is strictly prohibited in our rental vehicles. You will be assessed a cleaning fee of $300.00 if the vehicle is returned smelling of the smoke of any kind littered with ashes, pet’s hair, and excess dirt.

Loss Damage waiver


a.  In order to prove customer's non-US residence, customer must be able to provide on our demand Driver's License of a country of residence in customer's name, returning air ticket to a country of residence in customer's name with departure date no later than 31 days from rental commencement. 


a. Must use their own TPL + CDW. In order to use the renter's own insurance, the renter must provide us with proof of valid and collectible TPL + CDW in the renter's own name issued by the following companies: State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Geico, Progressive, Xfinity, USAA, Esurance, Farmers, and Nation Wide. Insurance is required to rent a vehicle, if you will be self - insured you must provide your insurance id (declaration page) which has to match the name last name, and address of the main driver on the reservation. Insurance must include a minimum of USD 300,000.00 liability coverage and provide full (supplemental liability and collision) for rental vehicle Policies issued in Puerto Rico are not accepted as well as any coverage offered by credit cards issued in Venezuela. Acceptable proof of insurance must include the name and address of the insurer and the policy and the required coverage. Otherwise, the renter will be required to purchase our TPL + СDW for an additional charge of $24.99 per day.

b. Glasses, mirrors, tires, wheels, lost keys are not covered by CDW or Excess protection. Rejecting our CDW/TPL and not having them included in rates, the renter will be solely responsible for the vehicle itself and any third-party claims. Please, check with your insurance agent for more information regarding your policy coverage. Any valid claims that are refused by your insurance carrier will be your responsibility.

c. CDW coverage has a deductible amount. The renter may reduce the Deductible amount to zero (Excess Protection) by paying an extra charge from $32.99 per day and provided that the vehicle is used in accordance with Rental Agreement terms and conditions.  

d. In case of minor damage to a rented vehicle (scratches, dents, etc.) which does not lead to car inoperability, (not all the damages may be considered as needed to be fixed immediately) the rental agency reserves the right to charge the customer's credit card or withhold the required for future repairs amount from Security Deposit, based on market rates. Admin fee from $53.50 up to $481.50 plus tax may be charged in addition to the actual repair cost.

e. Items inside the car are not subjects to insurance. Except the client has purchased the PAI / PEC insurance. The daily cost is $ 6.99

f.  TPL, CDW, Excess Protection may be voided if the renter breaches Rental Agreement terms and conditions.

g.  Any accidents or losses must be reported to local Police and a case number provided. Failure to do so may void TPL, CDW, Excess Protection, PAI/PEC. The renter must immediately inform the rental agency about all and any accidents/damages even they are minor. Noncompliance with this term may void TPL, CDW, Excess Protection if any. It is strictly prohibited to leave the place of an accident without a Police report since it may be considered as "hit and run" which is a criminal offense under Florida law.

h. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be declined using your credit card Insurance from Platinum / Black, only if the payment of the car rental is made at the counter with the same credit card used on the website. 2,500 USD security deposit for using credit card insurance applies.

i. Glass and Tire Cover (GTC) is available for up to $9.99 plus tax per day. 

j. Roadside Assistance is available for up to $9.99 plus tax per day.

k. If you do not comply with the insurance requirements on item (a), your insurance can be used on your reservation through the Claim Management Fee from $6.99/day.


a.All the cars are provided with a full tank of gas and should be returned with the same amount of fuel.

b. The car shall return with the same amount of fuel as when renter, A charge of $ 12.99 plus tax per gallon will be applied for the fuel difference.

c.Any unused fuel is not refundable.

Unused rental days

Should the renter decide to return the vehicle back to our branch earlier than originally planned, we shall not refund for unused rental days.

Length of Rental

Rental agreements cannot be assigned for a period longer than 30 days. If you need to rent a vehicle for a longer period of time, you must go into the location prior to the 31st day and renew the rental agreement in person. The rate booked is guaranteed for the original duration of the reservation.

Traffic And Parking Fines

 Renter is responsible for all tickets, parking, and traffic citations, any other fines that occurred during the rental period.

Admin fee up to $107.00 plus tax, applies to each ticket or citation if any. This fee includes post expenses, notary expenses, and administrative expenses. When the vehicle is towing for being parked in a prohibited area, not having paid the parking fee or participated in an accident, in addition to the expenses of the Towing company, a fee of up to $ 375.00 plus tax would be applicable for notarial expenses, administrative expenses, etc.


Unless and otherwise specified, rates are quoted in (USD).

Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday6:00 AM11:00 PM
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