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Orlando Intl Airport


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Pick Up Instructions

Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, please proceed to the Ground Transportation Level (1st Floor of the Terminal) which is one level below the baggage claim level, and wait for the Shuttle identified as YORK at:

Terminal A, proceed to pick up spaces A11– A12 or A13

Terminal B, proceed to pick up spaces B11– B12 or B13

Location Policies

Driver Licenses and Requirements

The renter must provide a valid driver’s license in the Latin alphabet, issued at least one

year prior to the rental. If the renter’s driver’s license is not in the Latin alphabet,

an international driver’s license is required.

For non-US residents: the passport or another government-issued ID as the

A secondary form of identification will be required. 

The driver's license must have been issued by authorized authorities at least 1 year

before the date of the commencement of the rental.

To pick up the car, the following documents are required: a valid driver's license,

the credit card on the main driver's name, Passport or ID card, Full Insurance coverage


AGE Requirements

The minimum rental age is 21 years.

A young driver fee of $14.99 plus tax per day applies to all drivers under 25 years

old. The maximum rental age is 74 years.

A senior driver fee of $9.99 plus tax per day applies to drivers aged 70 and above.

Additional Drivers

It is allowed to add up to 2 additional drivers. There is a charge of $12.99

plus tax per day per additional driver.

Geographic Restrictions

Under no circumstance vehicle may leave the State of Florida, otherwise, the renter is charged $1,000.00 plus tax of cross-border fine plus a mileage charge of $0.25 plus tax per mile of entire rental mileage. International rentals  and Cross border rentals are not allowed

One Way Rental

One way rentals between Florida locations are allowed, Fees explained:








Local renters’ restrictions: Florida and Georgia residents must provide their own

insurance full coverage and a major credit card, both on the name of the main


It is prohibited to use the vehicle to provide transportation network services (I.E.,

Uber or Lyft), food or delivery services (I.E., Uber Eats, Postmates, Instacart), or

for any other commercial purpose.

All our rental cars are equipped with a transponder that is glued to the windshield

of the car and is not removable. A personal transponder device from the customer

is not allowed.

Credit Card Hold

At the time of pick up, customers will be required to pay the amount of the rental

and leave a security deposit, which is a Hold against the customer´s credit card.

THE COMPANY requests a security deposit of up to $2,500 USD to rent the car.

The security deposit may be used to pay any amounts owed to the rental agency under

Rental Agreement terms and conditions at the end of the rental.

Security deposit is charged against the customer´s credit card at the moment of

pick up and will be released once the rent ends. The timeframe will depend on

your financial institution (it can take from 10 to 15 business days).

The following payment methods are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Diners, and Discover.

We don’t accept American Express. It is necessary to present a valid credit card in the rental office in the name of the main driver to pre-authorize / charge the amount as a deposit. Additional insurance (Collision Damage Waiver CDW with zero excess/deductible) must be purchased mandatory if using the following payment method(s): Cash, Debit cards.

Reservation hold time 

If the renter does not appear within 1 hour after the scheduled pick-up time, THE

COMPANY has the right to declare a NO-SHOW event and not to provide a car in

case the renter shows up later, unless the customer contact and notify before

about the change, where the reservation is subject to the availability of our

vehicles. If THE COMPANY had the vehicle available after placing NO-SHOW on

reservation, a reinstatement fee of up to $65.00 plus taxes may be applied.

Cancellation or No Show

All cancellations must be through the original booking source or notified in writing

to our email

Costumers who fail to cancel their reservation at least 48 hours before the pick-up

time, fail to show up for the reservation, or do not qualify for the rental will be

subject to a one-day rental charge or a $50 admin fee whichever is higher. All

cancelations must be through the original booking source.

Pay Now Reservations

All Pay Now reservations are non-refundable.  If you cancel

your Pay Now reservation, you will forfeit the full amount of

your reservation payment.  At the time of pick-up, you must present the same

credit card/debit card which was used to pay for your Pay Now


Early Return

There are no refunds for early returns.


All the rental agreement extensions have to be done over the phone or via Contact Us page or in person. Please note that combining new reservations to rent for a longer period is not permitted. New online reservations for extensions will not be honored.

Grace Period

The vehicle must be returned by the date and time indicated in the Rental Agreement.

There are 2 hours of a grace period to return the vehicle free of charges, depending

on the hour of picking up. Otherwise, the Late return charge of up to $160.00 plus

tax may be applied.

Website Vehicle Display

The featured vehicles that are displayed for each car class on the website or partner’s booking websites are representing the type of vehicle that may be available at the time of pick up. We do not guarantee that the make or model of the rental vehicle will be offered or available at the time of pick up due to fleet variances in availability or other reasons. We will provide you with either this model or a similar vehicle in size and engine type that is the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.


Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles. If you smoke in one of our vehicles you

will be charged for additional cleaning up to $250.00 plus tax.

If you do not present any of the required documents, the documentation is not

valid, the driver´s license is expired or you do not have enough money on your

credit card, the car rental agent can refuse to deliver the vehicle and no amount

will be refunded. Any changes in pick-up time need to be notified in writing to our email at least 48 hours before the reservation to ensure

availability. If we are notified later than that, availability is not ensured for the

rental vehicle or category. Mentioned car makes and models are indicative only. A vehicle of the same class may be provided. Rates are calculated based on collection/return to the same rental location unless a different pick-up and drop-off location has been specified in the reservation. Rental days are calculated on a 24-Hour basis from the scheduled pick-up time. Additional charges for extra equipment are paid locally. Service is not provided for an unconfirmed reservation. Multiple or duplicate reservations must be indifferent names, or those reservations may not be honored and are subject to an admin fee. It is the renter’s responsibility to check the vehicle thoroughly at pickup time. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when rented (interior and exterior must be acceptable for further rental without cleaning) to avoid regular cleaning charge up to $35.00 plus taxes. In case the renter is not satisfied with the condition of a car, the station needs to be informed immediately of its replacement. Excessive staining, internal damage, smoking, or unpleasant odors will be charged for at the supplier’s valet rates from $250.00 plus taxes. The Lost key charge of $450.00 plus tax is applied if keys or fobs are lost or badly damaged plus keys/fobs delivery cost or vehicle towing cost to our nearest location. If you locked the keys or key fobs inside the vehicle and request assistance from us, we will charge you for the cost of delivering replacement keys (key fobs) or unlocking the Vehicle, or towing the vehicle to our nearest location depending on the circumstances. All these charges can be deducted from your security deposit. In Florida must of roads/bridges/tunnels/express lanes you can use a Toll service which allows the renter the possibility of using all Florida toll an unlimited number of times.

Toll service is not mandatory; however, all rental cars are equipped with a

transponder that is glued to the windshield of the car and is not removable.

A personal transponder device from the customer is not allowed. If the customer removes of pre-installed transponder leads to its damage which

entails a fine of $250.00 plus tax all transponders are provided with a seal

confirming the integrity of the device. A transponder with a damaged seal is

considered damaged.

We have a third party company that offers three options for Tolls:

1. Tolls Activation $10.99 plus tax per day - At the end of the rental you pay

the value of the tolls you went thru.

2. Unlimited Toll option for $14.99 plus tax per day for unlimited use. No charges

after rentals end.

3. Decline Toll Service: $25.00 plus tax admin fee per day if used plus the

value of the tolls that you consumed.

Debit Card

When a renter, additional renter, or authorized additional driver presents an

eligible checking account debit card at the beginning of the rental to qualify to

rent, THE COMPANY will perform an insurance verification with the customer’s

personal or business auto insurance carrier to verify that the insurance policy has

been prepaid for a minimum of 30 days from the date of the rental and will

provide collision and comprehensive insurance benefits to cover the rented

vehicle. If the customer's auto insurance policy fails to provide collision and

comprehensive insurance benefits for THE COMPANY vehicle, the rental

the agreement will not be processed unless the customer provides a major credit card

with verifiable rental car damage coverage or purchases of the optional Coverage

from us.

Miscellaneous and Equipment

Infant / Child / Booster safety seats are available for $6.99 plus tax per day. The

renter is the only person responsible for the proper choice and installation of a

child safety seat.

The GPS navigation unit is available for $6.99 plus tax per day.

Glass and Tire Cover (GTC) $4.99 plus tax per day.

PAI / PEI insurance is $6.99 plus tax per day.

Roadside Assistance $2.50 plus tax per day.

Local unlimited miles for Florida Residents are $19.99 plus tax per day.

Cell Phone Sim card $50.00 plus tax each.


For your convenience, we offer you a VIP service which has a cost of USD 150.00

plus taxes, to return outside of our Service Hours at the Airport. (Call for more

information or ask at the counter)

Loss Damage waiver


To prove the customer’s non-US residence, the customer must be able to provide on our

demand Driver’s License of a country of residence in the customer’s name, returning

air ticket to a country of residence in the customer’s name with the departure date.


Must use their TPL + CDW. To use the renter's insurance, the renter must

provide us with proof of valid and collectible TPL + CDW in the renter's name.

We accept insurance from  following companies: State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Geico,

Progressive, Infinity, All-State, USAA, Esurance, Farmers, Travelers, AAA and


Insurance is required to rent a vehicle, if you will be own insured, you must

provide your insurance declaration page - which must be printed within a maximum

of 48 hours before the pickup of the vehicle. It is acceptable at the time of pickup

to present the information in the mobile app. This information must match the

name last name and address of the main driver on the reservation. Insurance must

include a minimum USD liability coverage and provide full (collision and liability)

for a rental vehicle. If you will be using your insurance a deposit to cover your

deductible plus damages will be required from your credit card.

Insurance from Puerto Rico or Canada is not accepted.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be declined using your credit card if the

insurance offered by the card has the necessary coverage. Only if the payment of

the car rental is made at the counter with the same credit card used on the web


There is extra an additional charge of $24.99 per day for Collision Damage

Waiver (CDW).

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is offered at the time of rental for an

additional daily charge. If accepted, SLI, provides the renter and authorized

drivers with up to $1,000,000 combined single limit for third-party liability claims.

There is extra an additional and mandatory charge of $15.99 per day for

Supplemental Liability (SLI).


1. If your policy coverage or any valid claims that are refused by your

the insurance, the full cost will be the renter's responsibility.

2. CDW coverage has a deductible amount. The renter may reduce the Deductible

amount to zero (waiver deductible) by paying an extra charge of $8.99 per day

and provided that the vehicle is used in accordance with Rental Agreement terms

and conditions.

3. In case of minor damage to a rented vehicle (scratches, dents, etc.) which

does not lead to car inoperability, (not all the damages may be considered as

needed to be fixed immediately) the rental agency reserves the right to charge

customer’s a credit card or withholds the required for future repairs amount from

Security Deposit, based on market rates. Admin fees from $45.00 up to $450.00

plus tax may be charged in addition to the actual repair cost.

4. Items inside the car are not subject to insurance. Except the client has

purchased the PAI / PEC insurance. The daily cost is $6.99 plus tax.

5. TPL, CDW, SLI, and Excess Protection may be voided if the renter breaches

Rental Agreement terms and conditions.

6. Any accident or loss must be reported to local Police and a case number

provided. Failure to do so may void TPL, CDW, Excess Protection, PAI/PEC. The

renter must immediately inform the rental agency about all and any accidents /

damage even if they are minor. Noncompliance with this term may void TPL, CDW,

Excess Protection, if any. It is strictly prohibited to leave the place of an accident

without an issued Police report since it may be considered a “hit and run” which

is a criminal offense under Florida law unless your life is in imminent danger.

The renter is responsible for all damage inflicted to the rental unit, even when said

damage is inflicted by a third party.


The vehicle fuel policy is full to the full. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount to avoid additional charges. If the car is returned with a lesser amount of fuel, a refueling charge of $7.99/gallon will be charged. Any unused fuel is not refundable. Unused rental days Should the renter decide to return the vehicle back to our branch earlier than originally planned, we shall not refund for unused rental days.

Length of Rental

The minimal rental duration/charge is 1 day, maximum is 30 days. For rentals longer

Within 30 days, the renter must return the vehicle to the rental office for a

maintenance and Rental.

Traffic And Parking Fines

 a) Renter is responsible for all tickets, parking and traffic citations, and any other

fines occurred during the rental period.

b) Admin fee up to $95.00 plus tax, applies to each ticket or citation if any. This

fee includes post expenses, notary expenses, and administrative expenses.

When the vehicle is towing for being parked in a prohibited area, not having paid

the parking fee or participated in an accident, in addition to the expenses of the

For the towing company, a fee of $375.00 plus tax would be applicable for notarial

expenses, administrative expenses, etc.

Company Declaration

We use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the accuracy of all information

posted on our website or distributed to other websites. Our liability, if any, shall

be limited to the number of rental charges paid to us. The terms and conditions

and prevailing law covering the rental shall be those stated on the rental contract

presented at the rental location.

Please be sure to read our General Policy for valuable information. If you have any

questions, please call us as Reservations are valid until one hour after pickup



Unless otherwise specified, rates are quoted in (USD).

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