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Vancouver International Airport (YVR)


Looking for a great car rental deal at Vancouver International Airport? York Car Rental has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from at super-competitive rates and excellent service at YVR airport. Choose from our wide variety of spacious SUVs, compacts, Luxury vehicles, EVs, and roomy 7-8 passenger vehicles. Whether you’re on vacation or on a business trip, we have the perfect rental car for you at the right price.

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Thank you for choosing York Car Rental, Your premier mobility partner.

York Car Rental of Vancouver is represented by CNR Auto Rental (B2B LICENSEE).

Location Policies

Additional Drivers

Additional driver(s): $11.2/Day.

After Hours Returns

Return the vehicle to the store parking lot. Drop off the key into the key box. For more information, please check our self-return guide. No airport shuttle service is provided.


We offer Collision damage waiver (CDW) from $22.4/Day to $33.6/Day. There are options for 1000CAD deductible and 2000CAD deductible. Windshield and Tire coverage is available from $16.8/Day to 54.8/Day depending on the vehicle class. If you choose to use your personal automobile policy, Please note that Insurance cards will not satisfy the requirement unless providing an insurance declaration page stating a transferable coverage, limits, territories, and deductible amount if applicable. Some credit cards may provide Collision damage waiver coverage or you may purchase collision coverage online through websites such as Rental Cover and etc.

Driving Restrictions

"the VEHICLE shall not be used:
(a) To carry persons or property for hire;
(b) To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer, or other objects;
(c) In any race/off-road, driver test and/or speed test or contest;
(d) By any person who there is reasonable evidence to suggest they are under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, narcotics, or other substances to an extent prohibited by law.
(e) In the commission of any crime, or for any illegal trade or transport;
(f)In violation of any Federal, State/Provincial, or Municipal law, ordinance, rule, or regulation governing the use or return (hereof (parking or minor violations excepted) nor remove from the State/Province of rental without obtaining the prior written consent of the COMPANY or COMPANY’S representative;
(g) by anyone for whom the COMPANY has been given a false name, age, address, driver’s license, credit card, other information, or who does not have a valid driver's license;
(h) In a dangerous, reckless, or imprudent manner;
(i) On other than a public highway a graded road or driveway;
(j) Fail to secure the vehicle and its keys."

Financial Policy

We accept Visa/MasterCard/AMERICAN EXPRESS/Discover/Diners Club/JCB/UnionPay Only. Deposits amount from 1000 CAD to 2000 CAD.

Pick-up Instructions

Please call our office at +1 604 370 1779 for free shuttle pick up. The average waiting time is 15 minutes.

Refueling Policy

Full To Full.

Renter Qualifications

For the United States, U.S. Territories, or Canada, The customers who reside in the U.S., U.S, Territories, or Canada must present a valid, Full, unexpired government-issued Driver’s license which includes a photograph of the customer. Renters from other than the United States & Canada Must have a valid driver’s license from the renters/driver's country of origin with the English alphabet. Must have a valid passport, must have a valid international driver's license if the driver's license of origin is not in the English alphabet. Other requirements, Photocopies of Driver’s Licenses are not accepted, Learner’s Permits license is not accepted. Temporary Driver’s Licenses may be refused if the renting location is unable to otherwise verify the customer’s identity or verify the authenticity of the temporary license. Additional Government-issued identification may be required. Digital licenses are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. The minimum age to rent a car is 19 years old subject to the underage fee (under 25 years old) of $28/Day. Addition driver(s) can be added at the time of the rental.
Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday10:00 AM5:00 PM
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